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SEPTEMBER 23rd, 2017

Not the end of the world. However, on this Saturday, September 23rd, 2017 there is going to be a planetary alignment that has never happened before that does match Revelation 9:21 chapter 12. The Woman, the Child, and the Dragon. If there is a sign in the sky on this Saturday then it should be related to that Revelation.

Music of Climate Chaos Band

Climate Change Music with the Climate Chaos Band.  Our music is about climate change and what we believe is the real cause of this event. Our mission is to bring awareness to the climate chaos and help others cope with the issue.  Climate Chaos Band songs have subject matter about hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes, asteroids, floods, fire and astronomical events.  We believe there is more than just human caused climate change that is changing our planet.

Maggie Valley, North Carolina Cabin and ATV Rentals

Climate Chaos Band offers Maggie Valley Cabin Rental with Maggie Valley ATV guided tours. Choose from our three Maggie Mountain Cabin Rental cabins that you can ride one of our ATV rentals right from your cabin. Cabins are available on beautiful mountain streams and long range views. Why rent a cabin and then go into town for entertainment when you can explore the mountains while riding ATVs?  Get your Great Smoky Mountain High. 

Cabins with ATV Guided Tours Maggie Valley, North Carolina

Running Bear Falls Cabin Rental

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ATV Guided Tours with the Climate Chaos Band

Enjoy staying in one of our three Maggie Valley, North Carolina mountain cabins and ride ATVs right from your cabin.  Ride miles of mountain trails with a tour guide to show you the sights of the Great Smoky Mountains.  Enjoy lunch by a spring fed mountain stream at 5,000 feet elevation.  Reserve your Cabin and ATV today so you can get Great Smoky Mountain High.  Only $100 for passenger seat.  $175 to drive ATV.

Maggie Valley, North Carolina ATV Guided Tour

Rent one of our three cabins located in Maggie Valley, North Carolina.  These cabins offer our ATV guided tour.  This tour starts with a half hour orientation getting you familiar with our ATVs and our mountain trails.  Then we take off on our ATVs for a 4 hour guided tour.  We will stop for lunch so we and our ATVs can rest then continue on our ATV adventure. 

Cabins with ATVs. Where you get Great smoky Mountain High

Climate Chaos Band member Peter Denis Jr. says "To have ATVs to ride on these beautiful mountain trails is an amazing experience.  You see long range views all the way to Tennessee from Maggie Valley, North Carolina.  Waterfalls, spring fed mountain streams and never ending trees though out our ATV guided tour.  Rent one of my three mountain cabins and have ATVs delivered to your front door. Get Great Smoky Mountain High. Maggie Valley ATV Guided Tour."

Running bear falls rental cabin

Stay at Running Bear Falls cabin for the ATV Guided Tour  

Rocking the Planet for Sale

Climate Change Music first recorded song called Rocking the Planet now on sale at all major music stores.  Nebiru, Planet X, the 10th Planet . . . it's Climate Chaos!

Climate Change Music Rocking the Planet

Climate Change Music Rocking the Planet by the Climate Chaos Band

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Melitzatorres rocking the planet in Spanish

Melitzatorres is one of the lead singers of the Climate Chaos Band. She sings the Rocking the Planet song in Spanish.